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Business transformation : Mode d’emploi

Companies need to transform to improve their performance and seize new value creation opportunities. They do this by leading transformation programs for their business model and their operating model. These transformation programs are as promising as they are risky: business case too partially achieved, costs multiplied by two or three and schedules which drift by 6 to 18 months are not uncommon.

This book presents the methods used by companies that succeed in their transformation programs. They are explained through 75 operational tips classified into 9 themes:
1. Scope and plan the program.
2. Negotiate and choose service providers.
3. Manage the program.
4. Build the solution.
5. Deploy the solution.
6. Manage projects.
7. Protect and empower human resources.
8. Lead change.
9. Manage a conflict with a service provider.

This book answers the practical questions asked by those operationally involved in a program: Transformation Director, Program Director, IT and Digital Director, Enterprise Architect, Business Process Owner.
Executive Committees will also find useful insights for scoping and planning a program, designing its business case, making major innovation and transformation decisions, monitoring the progress of the program and leading change in their company.

Atteindre vos objectifs : Yes you can !

Achieve your goals, succeed in your projects: we are often hindered in our ambitions by real or supposed obstacles (lack of time, experience, skills, relationships, money, education, relationships, knowledge, …). However, there are many examples of big successes achieved by people who started from nothing. How did they do it? They acted with method and determination.

It is the purpose of this book to present you with an operational method to achieve your goals. You will learn how to:
– have a positive state of mind.
– choose the right objectives.
– program yourself for success.
– remove your blockages.
– find the best ideas to succeed.
– build a robust action plan.
– develop your efficiency and skills.
– surround yourself with the right people.
– know how to overcome your difficulties.
– surely progress towards success.

Résolution de conflits

Conflicts are inevitable in the professional world, but there are proven methods to avoid, contain, manage and resolve them. This book, which is inspired by the training provided by the author at ‘L’Ecole des Officiers de la Gendarmerie Nationale” (EOGN), explains the genesis and the way in which a conflict develops, and presents two methods and operational tools to solve a conflict :

– understand the genesis and development of a conflict.
– control emotions.
– avoid the trap of interpretation.
– decode the intentions and motivations of the people involved.
– communicate effectively.
– conduct a constructive dialogue.
– defend yourself against verbal aggression.
– assert yourself positively.
– manage difficult personalities.
– design a conflict exit strategy.
– negotiate in a balanced and effective manner.
– definitively clear the situation.

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