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Helping you succeed in your transformation programs and achieve your sustainable profitability objectives





3TPartners helps you succeed in your transformation program from the initial idea to its operational implementation.

  • Define the “raison d’être” of the program and its objectives, build a shared vision with the management committee, develop the business case, describe the new operational model underlying the company’s business model, organize the program into projects.
  • Implement the organization and governance of the program, write the Program and Project Management Plan, constitute the program team, choose the project management tools.
  • Manage the Request for Proposal process with the Purchasing department: draft the call for tenders, manage the RFP process, analyze the offers, optimize the proposals and negotiate prices.
  • Provide methodology, knowledge of business and technology expertise to design the best solution and the deployment strategy optimizing value, time, and risk.
  • Coach and support internal teams on project management : implement management processes and project rituals, manage the budget and expenses, follow the planning, manage the delivery, control risks, control the balance between workload and available capacity,
  • Build and implement the change strategy: impact study, change management strategy, implementation of the change management plan.


  • Assessment of the situation and identification of the “root causes” of the problems.
  • Implementation of a short-term action plan aimed at limiting the extent of the damage.
  • Mobilization of the project team to obtain the commitment of all stakeholders.
  • Analysis of the root causes of problems and definition of an achievable project plan: objectives, budget, business case, workload, planning, organization, human resources, ways of working and responsibilities, business partners and contracts, etc.
  • Execution of the project plan: during this essential phase 3TPartners directly takes responsability of the tasks that you entrust to it.
  • Management of the project plan.
  • Communication to reassure and engage.
  • Project review after GO-LIVE.


  • Strategic, operational and financial diagnosis of the activity.
  • Implementation of a short-term action plan aimed at limiting the extent of damage (protection of cash flow, protection of customers or contracts, elimination of unnecessary expenses, cessation of non-strategic projects, replacement of the subcontracting by internal resources, cessation of recruitment not strictly essential)
  • Identification of the “root causes” of problems.
  • Design of the target business model and operational model: review of all relevant positions in the value chain.
  • Strengthening governance.
  • Financial restructuring and maintenance of relationships of trust with banks and financial organizations.
  • Bringing cash flow under control.
  • Definition, implementation and management of the recovery plan to achieve the target
  • Communication with stakeholders and the market.
  • Recovery assessment.


3TPartners provides an experienced resource who will fill a vacant position in your company for the necessary time.

While fulfilling the functions assigned to his position, our resource will prepare a favorable situation for the arrival of the future manager by resolving problems of all kinds preventing the organization from operating optimally: business partners relations, human resources, processes, information system, commercial policy, contracts, profitability and cash flow, etc.

3TPartners intervenes in particular in the positions of general management, operational management, Chief Transformation Officer, Transformation program director.

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